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Programmable Logical Circuits (PLC) is a vital part of industrial automation solution. They are used in almost all automation solutions. There are thousands and thousands of PLCs that are manufactured for various purposes by various manufacturers and implemented in so many different ways. It is vital to choose the right PLCs for the success of automation solution. As vital they are; an inappropriate PLC can make or break the production stream line.

Knowing each one of the PLCs and their variations and understanding each one of their capabilities and using them to their fullest capabilities is an art. It requires through understanding of the PLCs and their capabilities, implementation experience and technology to use them efficiently and integrate them with other PLCs.

One of our specialties is PLC Automation. We have provided many successful PLC automation solutions to wide range of industries. We extensively study the capabilities of each PLCs irrespective of whether it is manufactured by GE-Fanuc. We have integrated many of GE-Fanuc PLCs with other manufacturer's automation parts. Read our case studies for sample implementations

IAS provides process software development and commissioning services in various domains such as

           Energy distribution
           Water treatment
           Iron and Steel
           Oil and Gas
           Breweries and Distilleries
           Isostatic and hydraulic Press
           Machine tools and many more.

Years of experience has put IAS in unique position of understanding customer requirements quickly and effectively and translate the same into PLC, SCADA, HMI software along with required hardware configuration, communication protocols, external interface, signal conditioning, fail safe logic etc. IAS has developed and deployed software solutions for

           Compact, Medium to High end PLCs
           HMI and SCADA
           Various communication protocols such as Profibus, Modbus, Canbus, USS etc on various mediums such as Serial, Ethernet, Fibre Optic etc
           OPC servers and clients, communicating to and configuring Historians
           Batch management and recipe handling systems
           Database handling and reporting using Crystal Reports

IAS follows steps for developing software such as

           Software requirement Specifications
           Software Design Specifications
           Unit Testing
           Integrated testing
           Factory Acceptance Test and or Site Acceptance Test


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