Panel Engineering and Design

Panel Design and Engineering is an area always thought to be very easy to be carried or done by everybody, which is true, BUT the quality of panel design and engineering is something, which is not given its due importance. There are lots of things that need to be taken care of while a panel is designed, engineered and wired.

           Are all the safety precautions considered?
           Would it save your costly control devices?
           Would it avoid malfunctioning in your machine, which is not easily understood or difficult to comprehend?
           Would it increase your running (maintenance) cost?

Some of the aspects that needs attention are ;

           Segregation of cables
           Interference Suppression of Inductors
           Cable Shielding rules
           Cable Routing methods
           Earthing concepts
           Equipotential bonding

Selection of Controller

Selection of controller is based on the features that are required for the application; there are scores of automation control OEMs supplying numerous products; selecting the best one to suite the application, reliable and economical solution is very important in our enduring endeavor to provide value to the customer.

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